Handcrafted African Jewelry

A collection of unique and hand made jewelry that was crafted in various regions of Africa by local artisans and imported to the United States. These various necklaces, earrings and bracelets are perfect for individuals that are fans of authentic African jewelry designs.

Hakima “finds inspiration from her international upbringing, in all of the many countries she has called home: Asia, the Middle East, South Africa … handmade pieces of fine contemporary jewelry.

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Handmade African Jewelry & copper bracelets (202) 506 0378. Home; Shop; Welcome to Handmade African Jewelry. Home of handcrafted unique items. Pure copper bracelets, bags, beaded earrings, leather beaded keyrings, sandals, & necklaces. Shop Now. About Us. Bringing generations of beauty to you.

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Catherine Offei Kwapong Handcrafted African beaded jewelry (13) view full collection. Write a review "When I attended parties, I’d see women dressed up in beautiful beaded necklaces and I wondered how to create jewelry myself." "My name is Catherine Offei Kwapong and I was born in Tema-Kpone in 1965.

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African jewelry has not only worn as a fashion accessory but also to show status of the wearer . The original nature of handcrafted African jewelry art will be reflected by variances from the image as shown, each piece of a specific style is similar, but not identical.

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Lingua Nigra Lingua Nigra is all about handcrafted jewelry that boasts beautiful … coin-layered chains– are made from fair-trade African gold and conflict-free fine metals.